Parijatham /Coral Jasmine
Parijatham /Coral Jasmine
Parijatham /Coral Jasmine
Parijatham /Coral Jasmine

Parijatham /Coral Jasmine

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Very fragarant white flowers with 7-8 petals and orange red stem and centers.

The flowers bloom during evening hours and drop from the plant in the mornings , forming a carpet of flowers under the tree

Grows to a mid sized tree -upto 4 ft

This is just a pre order. We will be protecting the plant by protecting it from the cold while shipping

shipping will start in 2 weeks.

Instructions for planting

Remove the plant from the package

Pot the plant into at least a 3 gallon pot

Water it thoroughly, protect the plant by keeping it indoors where temperatures are around 65-70 F

Water once a week, no fertilization needed.

Move it outdoors first week of June, fertilize , water as needed