Brahmakamalam( Queen of the Night)
Brahmakamalam( Queen of the Night)

Brahmakamalam( Queen of the Night)

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 Rooted and potted starter plants ,as shown in the picture


Brahma Kamal ( Queen of the night) - a rare, legendary & mythological plant of India

They have large pure white star-like flowers with lovely fragrance to help their pollinators locate the blossoms by moon or star light.

The flower starts blooming after sunset from 7 p m onwards and takes about two hours to full bloom, about 8 inches in diameter and remain open through out night.

 It is commonly known as Night blooming Cereus, Queen of the night, Lady of the night as its beautiful Lotus like flower blooms late night. In India it is called as Brahma Kamal ( ब्रह्मकमल ) and is treated as a sacred plant.

It is also popularly known as Orchid Cactus as the flower has orchid like beauty and plant resembles cactus in habit.

Brahma Kamal is a type of cactus, it does not need too much water. You must water it once in two to three days unless you are in a really dry place. Never over water this plant as it will get water logged and die.

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