About us


My Story - Harika Vidyam

My journey began when I met an inspiring personality at a gardening event, bonded over shared ideas, and forged a deep friendship with a common passion for the field. Eager to make a difference, we swiftly leased land and established an organic farm, focusing on cultivating gongura, moringa, and vibrant flowers like marigolds. As our enthusiasm grew, we expanded our offerings to include a variety of Indian vegetables. Setting up a farm stand every Saturday morning, we connected with our local community, sharing the fruits of our labor with eager customers. Driven by our love for plants and people, we ventured into selling seedlings and rooted cuttings, such as tindora, betel, neem, and more. This evolution ignited a desire to provide easy access to seeds for every Indian residing in the USA.
Thus, the journey of Happy Family Farms began—a tale rooted in friendship, passion, and a commitment to nourishing both bodies and souls.

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My mission

My mission is to bring families and kids closer to the source of food by allowing them to enjoy the process of growing it themselves, even without a green thumb or backyard space. Explore our gardening seeds,plants and join us as we work to inspire more people across America to start gardening!