Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

We guarantee our customers that all our seeds are sourced from the best seed growers who follow all the requirements approved by the USDA. All our seeds are tested for quality and purity and germination before being offered for sale.

Once you receive the order , review your order and contact us within 5 business days to notify us of any packing errors we might have made. We are here to give you the best experience possible. We guarantee your issue will be resolved and guarantee 100 % customer satisfaction.

We at Happy Family Farms are not responsible for  any improper seed germination  ,improper storage, loss of crops or seedlings due to weather or any other factors. Seed germination, maturity of the plants, disease tolerant and all others are dependent on many factors and we shall not be liable for it. We are not responsible for  plant damage due to delay in shipping or handling ineffectively of the package.

For orders of plants that are locally picked  up and the plant is healthy during the time of pickup, we are not responsible for the plant death or damage after it is picked up. Damages during shipping , please send us a picture within a window of 8 hours after receiving the plant. If the plant is just shedding or dried , help the plant by reviving it for 10 days at right temperatures and watering schedule. 
Purchase of perishable goods is totally upto the buyer. We do not guarantee freshness when it arrives after being shipped. We do not bear any liability on our part. We used only next day air services to ship them to you considering thats the best way to ship perishable items 
If you do not agree to this policy , please refrain from buying anything perishable from us