Air Dried Moringa Leaves
Air Dried Moringa Leaves

Air Dried Moringa Leaves

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Minimum Seeds Count :  

Germination Day : 10-15 (Accelerated germination when soaked overnight ) 

Hardiness Zone : 9-12

Planting Depth : 1"

Planting spacing : 12"

Row Spacing : 6" 

Growth Habit : Upright

Soil Preference :  Fertile , tolerates poor soil

Temp Preference: Warm

Light Preference : Full sun 

Days To Maturity :  60-70 days

Fresh leaves harvested from the farm are washed and air dried in a shaded area to retain the nutritional benefits of moringa /drumstick leaves 

Studies show that there is no significant loss of mineral content when air dried and also no significant loss of macro nutrients


Each packet has approximately  6-8 oz of dried leaves 

The package is shown for reference purpose only. The leaves will be packed in a zip lock  bag which can be easily stored in your pantry or refrigerator


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