HFF-03 Beets - Blood red seeds

HFF-03 Beets - Blood red seeds

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Common Name :  Bitrut (Telugu) , Chukandar (Hindi) , Pitrut (Tamil) 

Soil : Fertile soil is a must . Loose light soil will make it easy for the roots to swell . If your soil is very compacted you will need to churn up the top several  inches with a garden fork and rake it well to break up clods of earth. the pH value 6.5-7

Crop Duration : 60-75 Days .

Planting type : Direct Sowing .

Minimum Seeds Count :

Germination Day :7-14

Planting Depth : 1/2"

Planting spacing : 6"

Row Spacing : 12"

Growth Habit : Upright

Soil Preference : Moist ,6.5-7 PH

Temp Preference:Warm 

Light Preference :  Full sun , or partial shade in warmer climate

Days To Maturity : 60

Very well known for its spectacular leaves.

Sweet  and nutty. Large glossy reddish-purple leaves are cooked with dal or stir fried like spinach or eaten in salads and cane be enjoyed until last frost.

Perfect variety for MICROGREENS

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