Certified Naturally Grown Moringa Fresh Leaves Subscription

Certified Naturally Grown Moringa Fresh Leaves Subscription

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Moringa Leaves Subscription:
Opening up 100 limited subscriptions for Organic farm fresh Moringa leaves.
Each subscription is for 16 Lbs of Organic Moringa leaves for the season 2021 (July to October)
$150 is the cost of subscription in which you will get 16 Lbs of farm fresh organic Moringa leaves. 

Starting July, subscribers will get 2 Lbs of Moringa once (typically once a week) and for 8 times.
With the limited quantity of production of Moringa leaves in the season, priority is given to the subscribers before produce is offered to non subscribers.

Who should subscribe?

This is perfect for people who understands the nutrition benefits of Moringa and consumes the same on regular basis in dal, curries, smoothies, tea etc.,

What does this subscription mean to you and your family health?

This Moringa produce is as fresh as one can get as it will be grown on Cumming, Georgia and made available within 1-4 hours from the time of harvest. 

This Moringa will be grown in “Certified Naturally Grown” farm with all organic inputs. One can see the methods of growing along with people behind it for understanding the authenticity.

Moringa nutrition benefits are very apparent for the entire family.

How to subscribe?

Subscription and Payment method will be updated soon.
Subscription will be confirmed with upfront payment. Only 100 subscriptions will be planned.
In case of not being able to provide the produce, part of the subscription amount will be refunded. Example: Only 10LB out of 16LB is delivered. $56  will be refunded. This can be scenario of lack of produce for various reasons including natural calamities.

How to pick your produce?
Subscriber should pick up the produce from Cumming location (will be shared) on Saturday morning of the agreed week. Additional pickup points will be planned based on the feasibility.
Subscriber will be intimated about the availability of their produce for pickup a day in advance.
Minimum and Maximum of 2 Lbs will be provided to the subscriber per pickup.

We offer shipping of Moringa at additional shipping charges of $15 per 5 LB.

*** Exact logistics of the pickup will be planned and updated.