Raddish Microgreens

Raddish Microgreens

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Radishes have to be the easiest microgreens to grow. It’s hard, if not impossible, not to get them to grow.

Why do I think radish microgreens are the easiest to grow? 

The radish seeds are relatively large and light-colored. When you sow the seeds, they are easy to see on the darker soil. Sowing microgreens seems to give the beginner the most stress, so the large, easy to see radish seeds make planting a breeze. 

It takes 7 days for the seeds to sprout and start harvesting. 
Radish microgreens grow fast and should be harvested before their first set of true leaves develop. A family shouldn’t have any problem using up a home grown tray full of radish microgreens before the need to harvest and store in the refrigerator. 

Not only are radish microgreens easy to plant, quick to grow, but they add flavor and crunch to sandwiches , salads , dal fry, gravies

For all of these reasons, we believe radish microgreens are the easiest microgreens to grow.