Tindora Cuttings

Tindora Cuttings

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 Common Name : Dondakaya (Telugu) , Kovakkai (Tamil)

Minimum Seeds Count :  

Germination Day : 14-21 

Hardiness Zones :  5-9 Annual

Planting Depth : 1/4"

Planting spacing : 12"

Row Spacing : 24" 

Growth Habit : Vine

Soil Preference :  Well-drained , rich , sandy and light . 6.2-7.0PH

Temp Preference: Warm

Light Preference : Full sun 

Days To Maturity :  90days

Soil : Soil which is littel sandy and also rich in terms of manure or compost .The pH value is 6.2-7.0 .

Crop Duration : 80-90 Days 2-3 inch tindora cuttings with a node .

Plantin Type : Direct Sowing .

Cuttings would be exactly as shown in the picture

Pick up in Cumming, Ga or Duluth , ga

Cuttings would be exactly as shown in the picture and will be shipped in May 2021/ June 2021 

Instructions :

Please place them 1 inch deep into the soil and water well. Keep them in a semi shaded area and water thoroughly. Make sure to place them indoors if you are living in colder climates. Early spring it will spring back to life as the temperatures warm up. 

We can’t refund or replace these as the success depends on how you take care of them. Please buy only if you are ok with this.