Wheatgrass - 50+ seeds

Wheatgrass - 50+ seeds

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Seed Pre Soak : Yes, minimum 4 hours.

n a container and spread seeds on the mix surface. Spread seeds generously across the tray and spray water to make the mix moist and prevent seeds from dislodging. Cover the seeds for 2-3 days or when seeds start to germinate.  Expose the plant to light after germination occurs and water regularly, keeping the mix moist. 

Germination Period: 3 days after sowing

Harvest Time: 8-10 days after germination 

 Grow this to juice. Do not discard after the first harvest. Wheatgrass can produce 2-3 harvest with each sowing.

Wheatgrass contains Vitamins E and B which work to strengthen the immune system, stimulate the nervous system, and prevent heart disease.