How to fill garden beds ? Hugelkultur method

Hugelkultur method

Start of lockdown , we stayed most of the time in the backyard.

We build 4 garden beds and got an idea for a good trellis( pandiri) , where we should be able to sit and sip a cup of tea.

Kids got excited with the idea and then we implemented it in our backyard. Hard work by Pavan

We upcycled the transport crates that a friend gave away. It is almost 3 feet in height and 2 feet width which would need tons of soil
Researched a bit and found a solution

How to fill garden beds ????

Hugelkultur method 👩‍🌾
🍀Base layer - we put in wood chopped from the backyard fallen trees or use cardboard 
🍀Second is home made compost
🍀Third layer is dried leaves
🍀Fourth layer top soil and compost (3:1 ratio)

Dried leaves step is optional !! Base  layer should be half of your bed height, this will make sure your price to fill the beds is minimal , since this setup takes less soil 

The plants are loving this set up. The rains ofcourse are helping them immensely

My sorakaya/ bottle gourd plant is the show stopper in my garden now

Much Love ❤️Permaculture

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